Smitten yet confused like being loved yet abused.

Most times I feel like I’m a million piece puzzle dropped into a abyss but the next thing fills me with bliss?
Your not he says
Your amazing he says
Your what I find attractive
He must like puzzles, be puzzled by space, be spaced by pieces

For if you try to discover something will you not become it?
If you try to figure me out won’t you become complex?

Don’t change
Never change
Always stay the same
Leave me unfinished in my million piece scattered mess don’t come too close for you might become me

Cuz a million piece puzzle in space is a feat indeed
And someone who can admire that must also be phenomenal.


I just wrote one of the best poems I have ever written and tumblr couldn’t upload it and now its lost like wtf



Pharrell Williams in the music video for his 2003 single ‘Frontin’

Hair wrapped

Where is her scarf? She all caught up in this niggas perfect age defying skin an left her scarf on the dresser.

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i feel u dj

What show is this she’s wearing a Shippensburg hoodie!

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Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope (photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, 1997)

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